One Castle, three religions...

I.C.Touring offers a one-of-a-kind experience of a guided tour entitled: “One castle, three religions”. The people taking part in it, do not just get informed about every monument in the Castle of Ioannina, but travel back in time and meet with the inhabitants of the castle (Christians, Jewish, Muslims).

They learn about their everyday life, their relationships, their habits and discover their traces, undoubted witnesses of their presence. Via the tablets they acquire, they have access to digital material (photographs, videos) which is put to good use and creates room for dialogue during the walk.

Management Team
  • CEO: Makrydimas Stylianos
  • CFO: Toli Alexia
  • Deputy Financial Manager: Makrydimas Vasilis
  • Marketing Director: Filios Vaggelis
  • Sales Manager: Papageorgiou Vasilis
  • Creative Director: Eftyhiadi Lydia
  • Production Manager: Zaravelas Michalis
  • IT Manager: Katsanos Spyros
  • Human Resources Manager: Mantziou Nefeli
  • Secretary: Delapoglou Kyriaki

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